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Lab for startups

We created this lab for startups – its the place where you can finally work on your biological or chemical idea and turn it into a product. As we know, every team has different needs please send us an email and let’s get things started!

Lab for corporate inventors

Merge your best employees with TUM’s best makers, designers, hackers and experts to reinvent your company! Within 5 days at our Industry Prototyping Sprints we invent new products, services or disrupt your business model. With the WALDNER crew on the left, we built the entire lab in 6 days and invented 6 new products for WALDNER. 

A lab for Students... THINK.MAKE.START. BIO

50 students, 10 teams, 1 goal: BUILD EPIC S***! And now, you can also use the bio lab to turn your biological and chemistry ideas into reality!

Surround yourself with TUM’s best makers, designers, hackers and innovators from all faculties and get up to 6 ECTS. Find your startup co-founders and build your first product or service!

SynBio Stammtisch

Each time, we are around 10-20 people from all different backgrounds and share our perspectives and experiences on Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology while enjoying some fantastic dinner. Every time we choose another restaurant and we will update the location in the days before the event. This event is hosted by our partner synbio.info.

Bio.Kitchen Lab Intro Course

According to good lab practices, everyone must take part in the introduction and laboratory safety course. However, we will make it fun and show you all the awesome thing’s that you will be soon working with!


The lastest projects that where built in the [x] Bio.Kitchen

Worms in Progress

This cradle to cradle model closes the gap in the recycling process of plastics. These worms actually eat plastics and decompese it with their enzymes into the raw material used for new PET bottles.
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Why do you need to use an entire lab bench as a laminar flow hood? Instead you can move MobilSteril to your bench where you need to have a controlled,and lamiar flow of sterile air to keep your samples safe!
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A self watering system with health monitoring for your home plants - never care about your plants again!
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Sartorius Picus NxT Electronic Pipette

Enjoy your work with the Picus®! Its highly sophisticated and completely ergonomic design will reduce your risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Fully electronic operation ensures the maximum accuracy and repeatability of your results.
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MinION DNA Sequencer

With this device, you can read DNA MinION is the only portable real-time device for DNA and RNA sequencing. Each consumable flow cell can now generate 10–30 Gb of DNA sequence data. Ultra-long read lengths are possible (hundreds of kb) as you can choose your fragment length.
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Opentron - One S

The OT-One S Standard is revolutionizing affordable lab automation and redefining the basics of liquid handling robots. It is as simple as a pipetting robot can get. It uses a standard single-channel pipette so you don't have to. You can leave it alone pipetting for hours -- no more need for sore thumbs and pipetting errors.

Opendrop Microfluidics

OpenDrop is a development part of a bigger ecosystem around digital biology with the aim of making personal lab-automation accessible to more people. Being a community project grown out of the hackteria.org network and the DIYBio movement we are building on trustful co-operation with all people interested in the project.

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Digital Lab & Startups

Bio.Kitchen Crew

For email, it's lastname@unternehmertum.de
Stefan Drüssler

[x] Lead & COO UnternehmerTUM
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Jérôme Lutz

Visionary Lead & Partners
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Rüdiger Trojok

Lab Lead & Biohacker
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Most frequent questions and answers

How do I get free Makerspace Access as a student?

When you signup for the [X] Community as a student, pupil or PHD you will be part of the [X] Makerspace scholarship for an entire semester. That means free access and one A/B course voucher. All you need to do after signup is show up at the Makerspace Frontdesk and claim your voucher. After the first semester, any additional semester costs only 30 €. 

Where can I pitch my startup?

Every month on the first Wednesday at 6 PM, everyone can pitch themselves, their idea or their startup for 1 minute at Hack&Talk. No preparation need, just come and get on stage when it’s time to. 

Where can I find people for my startup?

If you are working on a great project but need another machine course, reach out on Slack to Philip or Jérôme and pitch us your plan and which Makerspace Course you need (A/B, C or D course?). We decide case by case. 


Where can I find people for my startup?

Hack&Talk. is our real world Startup Tinder. Come & bring your friends that always wanted to join the startup world. You can also post on Slack when Searching for Cofounders,  search working students for your startup or post full time jobs. This offer is only for startups. 

I am no student, but I need Makerspace for my startup

When you are in your early days of your startup and no student anymore, every penny counts. To get you started, we have developed a voucher card, that gives you access to the Makerspace for 6 Months – the [X] Innovators scholarship. Reach out to Jérôme or Philip for applying. 

What is the Hardware Library?

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