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Lab for talents

We created this lab for talents – its the place where you can finally work on your biological or chemical idea and turn it into a product. Join for our open hours every MONDAY and WEDNESDAY from 2 to 7pm. As we know, every team has different needs please send us an email and let’s get things started!

Lab for corporate inventors

Merge your best employees with TUM’s best makers, designers, hackers and experts to reinvent your company! Within 5 days at our Industry Prototyping Sprints we invent new products, services or disrupt your business model. With the WALDNER crew on the left, we built the entire lab in 6 days and invented 6 new products for WALDNER.


Open course // Microbiology for Beginners

The study of microbiology is as old as human society. Reconnect with this age old knowledge of managing the microbial zoo the modern way in our Bio.Kitchen lab. You will be guided step by step through a “hello world” experiment growing your own bacteria on a petri dish and meanwhile learn how to orient yourself in our laboratory. 

Open course // Rapid Prototyping Microfluidics

Rapid prototyping of microfluidic actuators enables decentralised and personalised healthcare applications. facilitates you to use these technologies to create new applications by providing open source components and readily accessible manufacturing techniques.  We will teach you in theory and in a hands on session in our lab how you can make use of the latest trends in microfluidic manufacturing.

Tech Challenge // The Bio-Tournament

Hack evolution and outsmart your opponent bacterial cultures. Advance your microfluidic workstation and overcome the opponents cells with phages and resistance breeding. Engineer your strains and acquire new functions with directed evolution. Form a team, build your own lab-on-a-chip technology and apply your setup in a real-time biological competition against other teams to take over as much space on the agar playground as possible. A biological competition. As real as it gets. Coming soon…(no GMO will be created in this game)


PhD Summer School // The Linux of drugs

Modern rapid prototyping technologies for the life sciences such as printable and digital microfluidics allow for significantly more flexibility in experimental design while scaling experiments to harvest exponentially more data than compared to manual processes. This leap in innovation poses a new situation for how to deal with the information produced in labs and further triggers new opportunities for applications in pharma and health. Open sourcing knowledge allows for new type of business models in the pharmaceutical field based on big data of e.g. clinical diagnostic data on the one hand but also to personalize treatments for patients in hospitals. New healthcare problems can be tackled using this approach. 

Bio.Kitchen // Lab Safety Introduction Course

According to good lab practices, everyone must take part in the introduction and laboratory safety course. However, we will make it fun and show you all the awesome thing’s that you will be soon working with!

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The lastest projects that where built in the Bio.Kitchen

Worms in Progress

This cradle to cradle model closes the gap in the recycling process of plastics. These worms actually eat plastics and decompese it with their enzymes into the raw material used for new PET bottles.
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Why do you need to use an entire lab bench as a laminar flow hood? Instead you can move MobilSteril to your bench where you need to have a controlled,and lamiar flow of sterile air to keep your samples safe!
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A self watering system with health monitoring for your home plants - never care about your plants again!
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Sartorius Picus NxT Electronic Pipette

Enjoy your work with the Picus®! Its highly sophisticated and completely ergonomic design will reduce your risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Fully electronic operation ensures the maximum accuracy and repeatability of your results.
Learn more

MinION DNA Sequencer

With this device, you can read DNA MinION is the only portable real-time device for DNA and RNA sequencing. Each consumable flow cell can now generate 10–30 Gb of DNA sequence data. Ultra-long read lengths are possible (hundreds of kb) as you can choose your fragment length.
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Opentron - One S

The OT-One S Standard is revolutionizing affordable lab automation and redefining the basics of liquid handling robots. It is as simple as a pipetting robot can get. It uses a standard single-channel pipette so you don't have to. You can leave it alone pipetting for hours -- no more need for sore thumbs and pipetting errors.

Opendrop Microfluidics

OpenDrop is a development part of a bigger ecosystem around digital biology with the aim of making personal lab-automation accessible to more people. Being a community project grown out of the network and the DIYBio movement we are building on trustful co-operation with all people interested in the project.

More Features & Functions

Machines & Equipment

Wet Ware

Bio.Kitchen Crew

For email, it's
Rüdiger Trojok

Lab Lead & Biohacker
Slack | LinkedIn

Leo Sprengel

Biotechnology Lab Assistant

Dr. Dominik Böhler

Head of Entrepreneurship & Tech Edu Web | LinkedIn

Stefan Drüssler

COO UnternehmerTUM
Slack | LinkedIn


Most frequent questions and answers

I am a life science expert, what can I do in your lab?

Expert users can execute their free project work without supervision. You need to form teams of two people to access to facility unsupervised. Experts can apply by submitting their documents about a degree in Life Sciences (B.Sc. or higher) or apply as Biotechnical Assistant technician. The use of the facility is for free but in return 10h/month of supervision work for community users is mandatory.

I am a life science beginner, what can I do in your lab?

Just come by at the lab! We are open during the semester lecture times to visitors every week on Monday and Wednesday from 2 to 7 PM. Bring your life science project or tech, share your idea and start your project. No preparation needed, just come over.

How do I get free Makerspace Access as a student?

When you join the Bio.Kitchen as a student, pupil or PHD you will be part of the Makerspace scholarship for an entire semester. That means free access and one A/B course voucher. All you need to do after signup is show up at the Makerspace Frontdesk and claim your voucher. After the first semester, any additional semester costs only 30 €. 

How can i get to started in the

You need to take a bio-safety introduction course before you can launch your projects. You will learn what the lab has to offer and how to handle it safely and what rules o follow. Book a 2h course on our Eventbrite page for free.

What does working in the cost?

Users can follow their own projects in the lab free of charge. Experts and professional users are asked to tutor unexperienced lab users for 10h/ month in exchange for the infrastructure usage. Before their project drafts have to be submitted to and approved by the lab lead for a biosafety and chemical safety and legality check.  You can request free consumables and reagents on a case base from us.

How is your lab regulated?

The Bio.Kitchen is a safety level 1 (Risikostufe 1) lab for non pathogenic microorganismens. We have chemical safety cabinets and encourage electrical and engineering projects within Medtech and Life Science to work here. We do not have a GMO license and thus cannot have any modified cells nor can we modify any organisms in the lab. Cell free Expression Systems are a viable alternative though.  Contact the lab lead for specific questions.


These amazing companies make our work possible.

Kitchen Startups & Friends

Some of our Think.Make.Start. & Hackathon Partners
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Email: biolab[at]
UnternehmerTUM GmbH
Lichtenbergstr. 6
85748 Garching bei München
Open during Hack&Talk, events and during your project!
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