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We want to give you the probably most awesome job you can have: Inventing the future with extraordinary people and companies – and even continuing your work after the events in follow on projects or even your startups.

Industry Prototyping Sprints

[x] Industry Prototyping Sprints are your chance to bring inovation and new technologies into your company.

With our unique combination of agile methods, prototyping infrastructure, hightech materials and a team of great experts we enable you to solve every problem you could imagine.

Think.Make.Start. University

50 students, 10 teams, 1 goal: BUILD EPIC S***!

Surround yourself with TUM’s best makers, designers, hackers and innovators from all faculties and get up to 6 ECTS. Find your startup co-founders and build your first product or service!



TECHFEST is the fusion of technology and creative spirit, where hackers, makers, ideators, designers and startups start creating our future.


Are you passionate about tech? Live your passion with fellows and meet other hackers, designers, makers, and startups!

Bring that one friend who is interested in Startups but didn’t dare yet to jump into that world. This night is full of opportunities and both of you should be there!

Makerspace Scholarships

As a pupil, student or even PHD, the Zeidler Foundation and UnternehmerTUM [x] give you 6 month free access to the Makerspace and one A/B course of your choice! 

[X] Bio.Kitchen & Tech Library

In our [X] you find a state of the art microbiology and chemistry laboratory where you can do anything from DNA reading, analyzing it to creating enzymes in cell-free systems or work in VR.

Our Tech Library contains every cool gadget on the market and thousands of micro controllers, Arduinos, Rasperries, motors, sensors, etc. Check out the online shop to find out what we have and use it in one of the above events. 

Up to € 10k Prototyping Grants

Industrial Innovators funds entrepreneurial projects with prototyping grants of up to €10k. Our mission is to make prototyping easy and affordable for teams that have not yet secured financial backing.

If this sounds like the opportunity you have been waiting for, take the chance and apply now!

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Prototyping Sprints Completed

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Hackers & Makers in our [x] Community

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Startup Projects Initiated

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Think.Make.Start. University


Think.Make.Start. Tetrapak


We are the Founders and active [x] Crew.
For email, it's
Andreas Brandl

Tech Wizard
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Jérôme Lutz

Visionary Lead
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Philip Schneider

Community Lead
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Most frequent questions and answers

How do I get free Makerspace Access as a Student?

When you signup for the [X] Community as a student, pupil or PHD you will be part of the [X] Makerspace scholarship for an entire semester. That means free access and one A/B course voucher. All you need to do after signup is show up at the Makerspace Frontdesk and claim your voucher. After the first semester, any additional semester costs only 30 €. 

Where can I pitch my Startup?

Every month on the first Wednesday at 6 PM, everyone can pitch themselves, their idea or their startup for 1 minute at Hack&Talk. No preparation need, just come and get on stage when it’s time to. 

How can I get another Makerspace Course for my Project?

If you are working on a great project but need another machine course, reach out on Slack to Philip or Jérôme and pitch us your plan and which Makerspace Course you need (A/B, C or D course?). We decide case by case. 


Where can I find Co-Founders and people for my startup?

Hack&Talk. is our real world Startup Tinder. Come & bring your friends that always wanted to join the startup world. You can also post on Slack when Searching for Cofounders,  search working students for your startup or post full time jobs. This offer is only for startups. 

I am no student, but I need the Makerspace for my startup

When you are in your early days of your startup and no student anymore, every penny counts. To get you started, we have developed a voucher card, that gives you access to the Makerspace for 6 Months – the [X] Innovators scholarship. Reach out to Jérôme or Philip for applying. 

What is the Hardware Library?

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