UnternehmerTUM [x] Bringing science fiction to your doorstep



We help hackers & entrepreneurs who are in their early stages with the funding, technology and network of later stage accelerators.


We are a technology community & a unique tech-startup program

Think the unthinkable – Teams in the [x] program

We take our mission at [x] seriously. We helped imagining, prototype and build some of the most promising startups in the german landscape. All of them have the potential to transform and influence the world for the better. All of them have the power to bring science fiction closer to our doorstep. Get to know some of the teams in our community:

Build a neutral ground – Partners at [x]

Companies do not act. People act. We work with the best and brightest in forward thinking companies. We believe in those people and they in turn believe in the community at [x]. To bring science fiction closer to our doorstep we all gathered and built this joint program. A neutral ground for the small and big steps toward a technochratic future: